Evelyn Lin and Chastity Lynne Truth or Dare

Samuel June 18, 2012




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Anonymous 3 weeks ago
great.i love it.
Anonymous 1 month ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
I loved this video especially after about 22:17 When Evelyn Lin starts to gently touch and then starts to stroke Chastity's pubic mound through her black panties. Must have felt heavenly.
Anonymous 10 months ago
nice lesbian meat fresh
Anonymous 1 year ago
I loved how this video goes after 21:15 when Evelyn Lin decides she wants to have oral sex with Chastity. Evelyn is so very gentle with Chastity up to the end when Evelyn gives Chastity a body trembling mind numbing orgasm.
Anonymous 1 year ago
My guess is that Evelyn and Chastity repeated much of this video several times but not in front of a camera.
Anonymous 1 year ago
they seem like they are really enjoying the experience, when she starts dancing for her the second time,evelyn lin has an expression like she is aroused but fighting against it until she can no longer fight desire and succumbs to the pleasures of another woman
Anonymous 1 year ago
Her expression of repressed desire made me wild!!!!