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About Brandi Love

Tracey Lynn Livermore, or for most better known as Brandi Love, was born on March 29, 1973 in Raleigh, North Carolina. She grew up in a loving family and had a (very) conservative childhood. Growing up, Brandi realized she is of different thoughts than the majority of people around her. She liked going against the grain, challenging the status quo. The two things Brandi Love believed in were: having fun and living life her own way. As an example, she rode motorcycle when she was 17 and played soccer. Although she had a great business career, managing a bagel store and later owning her own wine company, she found real success in porn. After launching her official website BrandiLove.com back in 2004, she knew this is it. She left her wine company behind and dedicated herself 100% to adult entertainment business. For the first four years she kept all her content exclusive for her website. It was her husband, Chris Potoski, who she married in 1995, who was constantly supporting her on this wild ride called, Brandi Love. There were several bumps Brandi needed to face with during her career, which only made her stronger and more experienced. After being a few years into marriage, Brandi became a different person. Brand wasn't I-will-do-it-differently-and-I-don't-care kind of a lady anymore. It was 2001 when Brandi Love was reborn. She started attending bikini contests, became stripper and started enjoying sharing her husband, Chris, with other women. Brandi was back and she was on fire.

Brandi lost her virginity when she was 16, 17 and prior her porn career had many naughty adventures with girls. Not to mention Brandi Love and her husband being huge swinger enthusiasts. But even if she already had plenty of experiences and being a sex person, she was nervous and at the same time very excited when she was on the set, filming for her first ever porn scene. It was a Naughty America scene.

While many of the girls we know like pain, Brandi Love is against it (besides a spank or two). This said, she is not into anal and into stuff that causes hurtful experience. Brandi is a romantic person and if you are not a kisser, you better walk away from her. You need to understand the art of kissing to turn Brandi on.

In her spare time, when not fucking around, Brandi Love likes having sex. She really enjoys sex. She also enjoy traveling, hiking, eating healthy and staying in shape. Brandi is working out five times a week, so no wonder why she has such hot body. Plus she is a wine geek. She is also a huge football fan, due to her husband, and as for the music, she is a rock and metal head.

Besides appearing in many porn movies and scenes, Brandi Love also appeared on Howard Stern Shown, The Tyra Banks Show and Larry Elder Show to name a few.







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